Products not sold by Tamron Authorized India Dealers in the India are considered gray market and as such do not qualify for rebates (if applicable), warranty, service or repair of any kind in the India.

Tamron India Private Limited. will not repair and/or service any product that is not an officially imported product and sold through an Authorized Tamron India Dealer. In other words, there will be no authorized repair service under any circumstance for gray market products, including but not limited to any available firmware updates. Due to the proprietary technology incorporated in Tamron lenses, specific factory calibrated equipment is required to service many of our lenses and therefore Tamron India Private Limited. does not authorize any third party service center to repair and/or service Tamron products.

Furthermore, third party warranties are not serviced through Tamron India Private Limited. and are therefore invalid in that they are not able to offer service for these lenses for the reasons stated above

Only Tamron India lenses purchased from an Tamron Authorized India Dealer come with a standard warranty of 2-years, for detail click here


While registering your product on, you can be assured about the purchased product genuity or not, gray market product will not get registered on this.

The Risk of Purchasing Gray Market Products:
Interchangeable lenses are precision optical and mechanical products. Therefore, if handling during transportation or storage is not adequate, defects or malfunctions may occur. As for our products supplied through our regular distribution channel, meticulous care is taken in transportation and storage in order to ensure quality protection. However, in the case of gray-market products, it is more likely that they are handled inadequately during transportation or storage; are exposed to undesirable conditions such as high temperatures, vibration, shock, high humidity, dust, dirt and so on; or that they have been mixed up with used products since they are not under our strict control. Therefore, we are unable to warrant the quality of gray market products.

Always look for Tamron products that are supplied through our authorized distribution channel. By purchasing Tamron products from a Tamron Authorized India Dealer, you can ensure the quality of the product, which will be also covered by Tamron India's Standard Limited Warranty, the only warranty accepted by Tamron India Private Limited.. To find an authorized Tamron dealer near you, please click here

If you have any question as to the authenticity of a dealer or product, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Department at (9650061715).