Photographer List
in alphabetical order

  • Abhishek Purohit

    A Software Engineer, from the beautiful city of India Jodhpur, turned to a professional photographer and Photography mentor. An avid traveler & loves to click genres like travel, street, wildlife & weddings. A member of Federation of Indian Photography.

    Photo artist from age of 10 have received multiple international and national awards. Recipient of honor of AFIP (Artist OF Federation of Indian Photography) and EFIP (Excellence in Federation of Indian Photography).Recipient of AFIAP & EFIAP honors which are given from France these Distinction are given from Federation International de l'ArtPhotographique [FIAP], France, a UNESCO recognized body. His work is also being published in National Geographic in dally dozen section.

  • Anshul mehrotra

    Anshul Mehrotra is an effulgent person and a proprietorship firm owner named Para Pixels. A graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from D.A.V.V Indore and holds a P.G Diploma in still photography from AJKMCRC Jamia MilliaIslamia, New Delhi India. Not only this, the creative lad has a vast portfolio in food, model/fashion, e-commerce, products, street, people, landscapes, and cityscapes. With a unique talent in photography. He is a complete blend of technology and creativity, with which he gives reality to the capture moments.

  • Dr. Sarthak Kadel

    Dr. Sarthak Kadel, is a Dentist by profession, but he turned his hobby for Photography into another Profession. Never knew his childhood hobby will become a profession. He is a Mentor for TAMRON since 2019, and also an International Mentor for Dental Photography. Running courses named “Click Like Kadel”- Dental Photography

    Masterclass :

    He does Fashion Photography, and Portraits interests him, loves to capture emotions and mood of the subject. He learns from every picture, he clicks and try to go one step ahead of it.

  • Jattin Singh Noul

    Jattin Singh Noul, a self-taught versatile fashion photographer, director and actor. Trained professional film director from HONGKONG INTERNATIONAL FILM ACADEMY. With over 15 years of experience, he has worked with various clients such as Times of India, Wedding affair magazine, CTC emporio, Hero Honda Bikes, PP jewelers,,, Cosmopolitan ,Femina and many more. He has successfully conducted more than 50 workshops all over India and overseas. Jattin is also a specialized portfolio maker.

  • Idris Ahmed

    An executive director & publisher of the photography magazine – FRAME, he also runs PhotoCommune, a collective of photography enthusiasts.
    Idris started out as a photography instructor. With his curiosity and passion to capture the delicate moments of human life and the wonders of nature, he went on a detour to Spiti Valley, an enchanted valley in Himachal Pradesh. It was during this trip his relationship with Photography became sacrosanct and inspired him to become a freelance photographer.
    To date, Idris has shot for many renowned organizations, domestically like VIVO India, MBL Infrastructure, Wildlife Trust of India, and CK Birla Group, and internationally like SABMiller Breweries, Fresenius Kabi, Taisei Corporation (Japan), and Dorling Kindersley (London), to name a few. His work includes working solo, in a studio set up with his team, and on snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas.
    His oeuvre has been published in Forbes India, National Geographic Magazine, Outlook Travel Guide, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sunday Guardian, and many more. Exhibiting his work since 2010, he has travelled the world and has also received recognition from News Channels like NDTV, brands like Vivo, and in group exhibitions held from Northern India to South.
    Through various workshops and expeditions, Idris aims to inspire more and more young photographers to enter the world of lenses and aesthetics. He is a faculty at SACAC and has taught in other institutions like the ‘Institute of Film & Television’ and the ‘College of Media & Communication’, in the past.
    Reimagining the world through his viewfinder, today Idris continues documenting his sojourns.

  • Kiran Patthi

    Kiran Patthi is an avid traveler who feels at ease in natural & pristine spaces than in concrete jungles. His aim is to spread the message of environmental awareness & conservation through his images & films. As a self-taught individual who diligently turned his passion into a profession; now offers people an opportunity to learn photography in an easy, fun and structured way.

    Kiran Patthi has 8-years of teaching experience in photography training and freelance photography. He has organized over 100 workshops, photo tours and photo walks and have trained more than 1000 students across India. He has also been invited multiple times as guest faculty in Foreman Training Institute (Ministry of Skills and Development - India).

  • Natalia Arantseva

    Natalia Arantseva, is an internationally renowned photographer, native to Russia , currently stays and works in Mumbai, India. Her specialization is into portraits, fashion and conceptual outdoor.She promotes photography through various workshops held worldwide including India. Her style is vividly unique and recognizable. Her work is published in several European magazines and newspapers.Being a passionate traveller, she has been to remotest of the places in the world, such as Papua, Irian Jaya to document life of several local tribes , some of which remain cannibalistic till today.

  • Navin Kumar Vatsa

    Navin Kumar Vatsa has started his journey in photography with a simple point and shoot camera with the sole intention to capture family moments almost 16 years back. But the life has its own plans while you are busy with your own. After the accidental death of his wife’s in 2009, the loneliness and responsibilities towards his 3 year old Son as a single parent completely consumed him and the love for photography lingered on. After years, one day while flipping through old family albums, he realised his calling and decided to become a full time photographer and finally he resigned from his 17 years of long academic and administrative job in a reputed University and decided to start his Photography journey.

    In last 5 years, he received various awards and recognised by various International and National organization of repute such as National Geographic, Sony World, Sony India, Camarena Academy, 121, HIPA etc. He has many publications and Interviews in National and International media. He is one of the well-recognised Street and Travel Photographer from India.

  • Neel Bose

    I have been into commercial photography now for around 20 years, Staying in my hometown Raipur I was born in Bilaspur and done my Schooling & college from Raipur only, Photography being my family business I have learned the art right from childhood under the guidance of father and grandfather, From my teen days I was fascinated seeing hoarding film magazine and posters that inspired try out in fashion photography and commercial works, since then I have been into commercial works for various garments and apparel manufacturer, but still work from my hometown Raipur only, for the past few years i have mentors or some leading brands in photography and round he year do workshop throughout the country.

  • Ravindra Gajjar

    Ravindra Gajjar is a self taught photographer in his forties from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is an educator, mentor and full time working person in the photography profession. He holds almost 18 years of industry insight and does nearly every genre of work in photography and motion pictures. He is MBA in Marketing with substantial exposure in Quality Audit, Training and Capacity Building Programme, Human Resources Management and Marketing. He has been a business coach, motivational trainer and martial art instructor.

    He is appointed as a faculty for photography & motion picture courses for graduate and post graduate level at Gujarat University Design School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    Ravindra is a member of nearly all international photography training forums. He is a contributor to Google, shutter stock and many leading stock photography platforms.

    He is an active resource person in the advertising agency - Studio8 based in Ahmedabad, which works in the area of Integrated Marketing Communications. He is the founder of Blue Hour Studios-an agency known for Architectural & interior commercials, Product photography, Google street view photo spheres, Food, Wedding, People, Macro and so on.

  • Shiresh R Karrale

    Over 27 years of experience in the field of photography, ace lens man Shiresh R Karrale is a name to reckon within the industry. An alumnus of Sir JJ School of Arts. He was a key person in launching India’s first Photography magazine ‘Asian Photography’ In 1988 and the second magazine of India ‘Better Photography’ with TATA group in 1997.

    Shiresh has successfully dabbled in advertising, his latest campaigns have featured TanishqJewellers, GVK – Terminal 2, Kalaghoda Arts Festival, Hindustan Petroleum, BASF, Kuber (US based jewelry), Bombay Dyeing to name a few. Shiresh was a Group Photo Editor and Creative Director for 23 Special Interest Magazine of Infomedia 18 (Network18 Group) from 1996 – 2011. He is the sole architect to design and Launch India’s first degree College in Photography with Symbiosis as Symbiosis School of Photography. He was a Founder Director of Symbiosis School of Photography.

    What’s best about Shiresh is his endless urge to constantly educate and strike a chord with young and emerging talents in the field of photography. He has successfully conducted 163 photography workshops all over India and overseas.

  • Yuwaraj Gurjar

    YuwarajGurjar works with Raymond Limited - a renowned textile manufacturing company, but his love for nature always drives him to go places into wild India – being hugely diversified habitats. He has traveled across the country & Sri Lanka for nature observations and photography. His photographs have won many national and international awards; have been exhibited across the world. Some photos were included in field guides, educational websites and magazines. He actively spreads the awareness & knowledge about the nature, wildlife & photography especially Macro Photography.

  • Ashik Aseem

    Ashik Aseem is a Travel, landscape, and architecture Photographer and a YouTuber based in Kerala. He started his photographic journey back in 2018 as a hobby, after tasting the satisfaction of creating a good photo he left his business and started full-time traveling.

    Ashik usually revisits the people and location in his photos to deliver the printed portraits and to capture the land in different seasons, this made him popular on social media.

    Ashik's style of work involves traveling into remote areas and living with the local people for several days or weeks, trying out their works, and learning about their culture and lifestyle to create meaningful lifestyle pictures.

    When not traveling he's a real estate and architecture photographer.

  • Dipankar Bakshi

    I am Dipankar Bakshi, a Wildlife photographer, Wildlife filmmaker and a YouTube content creator with over 10 years of working experience.

    My work has been published on multiple renowned platforms like BBC, Natgeo, Discovery, Nature in focus and many others.

    I am amongst the top 35 wildlife photographers all over the world by 35Awards (2021) .

  • Shiv Sharma

    Shiv Sharma, self-taught wedding photographer, is one of the best wedding photographers in India and the co-founder of The Wedding Conteurs. He has been featured in several national publications.

    Shiv has been a regular guest speaker to cover photography workshops at India’s premier fashion institute Pearl Academy. He is best known for his contemporary and off-beat approach to shooting Indian marriages.

    Shiv believes that as a wedding photographer he is privileged to participate in the most divine and precious event in people's lives and he loves capturing the fleeting moments that make a wedding truly special.

    His illustrative style captures the tender glances exchanged between bride and groom, the fun filled moments with family members and the story that is unveiled as a new chapter begins in your life.

  • Abhishek Mukherjee

    Despite ranking 128th in the Joint Entrance Examination test(JEE) for Engineering, and graduating in computer science from one of the cream engineering colleges in the country IIEST Shibpur, Abhishek chose to follow his passion in photography.

    After a brief stint in the corporate world, Abhishek started working as a full-time Fashion & Commercial and lifestyle Photographer. “I always try to make it perfect from the very first click so that minimal editing is required later. I love blending outdoor and indoor lights while shooting.” With 17 years of experience he has 80 plus active national and international clients of different sectors like Garment, Footwear, hotel, Jewelry etc.

  • Kane Lew

    Kane Lew is a Wildlife and Commercial photographer with 15 years of experience in the field of photography and teaching. He is also an arts graduate from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai.He has travelled extensively across Indian geography for several years.

    Kane has brilliant photography skills and technical knowledge across genres of photography with a special interest in wildlife photography.He has a great teaching acumen. Apart from his love for art, sculpture and music, he is a skilled trainer, trekker and a biodiversity expert.

    He is also a Master class Mentor in the panel and Head of Creative Photography Division, at DCP Expeditions LLP.

  • Pushp Deep Pandey

    Pushp Deep Pandey is a Mechanical Engg. grad. from MIT who fell in love with Photography and Film making. He currently runs two companies, is plash Creative Consulting and 2k Photography that offer film-making and photography services.

    Having travelled the world in search of some great frames, his work has been published by Better Photography, Hindustan Times and Times of India to name a few. He has also received a commendation from the then honorable CM of Rajasthan for his work in the state in 2018 and has won various national and international competitions. An Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, he enjoys sharing his experience with photography and post production enthusiasts through online and offline sessions.

  • Rano Chattopadhyay

    Is an experienced and creative wedding photographer with true passion for capturing moments through the lens. His interest for photography started from his childhood days under the guidance of his grandfather who was a famous director in Bengali film industry.

    Rano has over 15 years of experience as a Wedding Photographer and has completed 500+ assignments. He believes every project is a new challenge so a photographer should make every photograph with innovations.

    Rano Chattopadhyay is founder of RCP WEDDING, the house of highly skilled experts with a distinct taste of wedding photography.

    Rano Chattopadhyay is a perfect match of technical and aesthetic skills. He has a huge knowledge of cameras, lenses, and equipment. He is an excellent mentor with over 5 years of experience in teaching wedding photography . He conducted many online and offline workshops all over India. In the last few years he received many honours and performed as a judge in several National and international competitions.

  • Sachin Chauhan

    Sachin Chauhan is an internationally recognized India based Street Photographer. He holds a graduated degree in bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication.

    He had done internship in The Times of India Newspaper as a Photojournalist. He has been doing photography from Last 6 Years.

    His core essence of Photography is “Candid”. Sachin’s work has been exhibited internationally. Has beennominated for World’s Prestigious Award “LEICA OSKAR BARNACK AWARD” in 2019. He won two Big International street photography festivals.

    He is also doing a job as a Part-time photography Teacher in University.

    He is a member of India based Unstaged Collective – A street photography Collective.

  • Vaibhav Rege

    Vaibhav Rege was working as a Human Resources Trainer in a multinational company in Mumbai since last twelve years. He always dreamt of launching a photography platform towards developing and nurturing amateur photographers to hone their photography skills. With this intention of giving back to the society his dream turned into a reality in July 2016, when Vaibhav founded Photography Group called Reflection thru my lenses, a dedicated photography group on Facebook currently with 3000 plus active members.

    Vaibhav has conducted Photo Walks for 3 National level Photo Walks and 4 International level Photo Walks for the world famous “Scott Kelby - World Wide Photo Walks” and also conducted Photo Walk for Asus India, Decathlon India and many more.

  • Vidit Goswami

    Vidit Goswami is a BJMC graduate who always had an interest in photography. As a child, he was into art and craft. He started his journey in 2017 as an editor, his photoshop skills added life to his pictures. In 2018, he started as a wedding photographer. His keen eyes for framing & creating something out of the box bought him various good projects and now he is known for his exceptional skills.

  • Akira Otaka

    Akira Otaka Graduated from the Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Art. He is mainly active in the field of industrial photography. He shoots content in Japan and overseas for the pamphlets and annual reports of companies in construction, heavy machinery, electronics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and so on. As his life's work, since 1990 he has photographed the nature of the Colorado Plateau that lies in the southwestern United States as well as hot-air balloon races around the world. Otaka also holds yearly photo workshops using the mighty untouched nature of the Colorado Plateau as his field, having held fifteen such events to date.

    Major Publications: The Fantasy of Ballooning collection of photographs, (Seiryu Publishing), Grand Circle and Sedona, Chikyu-no-Arukikata Gem Stone series (Diamond).

    Photo Exhibitions: Many exhibitions at the Fuji Photo Salon (various locations) and Pentax Forum, etc.

    Member, Japan Professional photographers Society (JPS)
    Member, Japan Travel Photographers Association (JTPA)
    Distinguished Media Staff, Balloon Federation of America.

    • Alexander Ahrenhold

      Born in 1989 in the German coastal town Eckernförde. Since his father was a forester, he developed a keen interest in nature and animals already at a very young age. At age 19, he moved to the German province of Niedersachsen where he started to experiment with DSLR photography, which allowed him not only to capture the beauty of landscapes or animals but also to share his experiences and beautiful images. So he has started to work as a professional nature photographer.

    • Billion Lim

      An award-winning professional all-round photographer with 30 years of creative photography experience. Billion is an expert in a wide range of photography themes such as Special Features, Portrait, Documentary, Travel and Landscape, Fashion and Wild Life etc. Billion's works were featured in world-wide exhibitions and he also clinched awards in international photography competitions.

    • Christoph Oberschneider

      Christoph Oberschneider was born in 1983 in Salzburg where he also grew up. While studying for his medical degree in Graz, he quickly developed a growing interest for photography and film with a focus on combining sport and landscapes. In 2012, he presented his short film 'Days of Powder in Sportgastein' at the Salzburg Mountain Film Festival and the following year he achieved a number of top placed finishes at international ski photography competitions. He was one of five photographers worldwide to be invited to Whistler, Canada, for the 'Pro Photographer Showdown' as part of the renowned 'World Ski and Snowboard Festival' in 2014.

    • Hideyuki Abe

      A native born Tokyoite, Hideyuki Abe, worked at Tamron's PR and Advertisement section after graduating from the Department of Photography, Faculty of Arts, Tokyo Polytechnic University. He became a freelance photographer in 1986 and shoots in diverse genres ranging from European scenic to commercial photography. As a freelancer, he also writes essays in professional and amateur camera and photographic magazines.

    • Hiroto Fukuda

      A native born Tokyoite, Hideyuki Abe, worked at Tamron's PR and Advertisement section after graduating from the Department of Photography, Faculty of Arts, Tokyo Polytechnic University. He became a freelance photographer in 1986 and shoots in diverse genres ranging from European scenic to commercial photography. As a freelancer, he also writes essays in professional and amateur camera and photographic magazines.

    • Ian Plant

      World-renowned professional nature photographer, writer, and adventurer Ian Plant has been photographing our natural world for almost twenty years. Ian is a frequent contributor to and blogger for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, a Contributing Editor to Popular Photography Magazine, and a monthly columnist for Landscape Photography Magazine. Ian’s work also appears in many books, calendars, ad campaigns, and magazines available worldwide.

    • Itsuka Yakumo


      Photographer and graphic artist. After working for a manufacturer and an advertising agency, Mr. Yakumo struck out on his own as a photographer and graphic designer. Much of his work expands beyond the limitations of specific industries, national borders, and the media, including such things as advertisements, stage photos, video production, CI, product design, documentaries, and more. Mr. Yakumo is an animal rights activist who lives in Shibuya, Tokyo with his cat.

    • Kristofer Rowe

      Born in 1973 near Hudson NY, Kristofer grew up in a rural area and was always fascinated by wildlife. He has spent much of his life leading fine dining kitchens such as The Bee and Thistle Inn in Old Lyme. However in 2011 he found a new love in wildlife photography and it turned into his new addiction when he became sober. Currently residing in Old Saybrook, CT he has become known for his images of raptors and in particular Osprey and Hawks. He is also devoted to conservation and actively reports to several scientists on Osprey population along with Menhaden in the local waters.

    • Norifumi Inagaki

      Born in Tokyo in 1970, Norifumi graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Hosei University. After working in the editorial department of Magazine House BRUTUS and as a part-time cameraman for Asahi Shimbun’s AERA, he turned freelance. Beginning with China’s Silk Road, he has visited over 50 countries and regions, including Antarctica and the equator. Norifumi’s publications include a collection of photos, Tairiku Rōnin (“Wanderer of the Continents”), and his recent work Tabi, Tokidoki Leica (“Travel, and Sometimes Leica”), a collection of photo essays published by Ei-Publishing Co. Ltd.

    • Steven Stockhall

      steven Stockhall operates specialist wildlife photographic safaris in Botswana and other African wildlife destinations. He has published two books on wildlife and also works with International film crews on wildlife documentaries. His latest project was guiding an NHK film unit in 2013 on a production on Lions and Buffalo on the Chobe River in Botswana.

    • Takahito Mizutani


      Takahito Mizutani was born in Tokyo in 1968. Upon graduating from Tokyo College of Photography in 1990, he relocated to France. After spending three years shooting events mainly in Europe including the Winter Olympics, motorsports, winter sports, soccer and rugby, he returned and has since pursued the photography of sporting events from his base in Japan. In 2001, his individual exhibition “NEVER END” was held at the Canon Salon, where he also published a collection of photographs under the same name. In 2005, the group exhibition titled “Mizutani Family Graffiti - MY SPORTS” was held at Shinagawa Canon Gallery S. In 2014, the exhibition of press photographs titled “Aiko Uemura - the 16-year Miracle” was held at Nikke Colton Plaza. A collection of photographs was also published under the same name. Mizutani has also taken part in many other group exhibitions. He is the representative director of My Sports Publishing Co., Ltd., a member of the Japan Association of Sports Press (AJPS), and a member of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS).

    • Takehiko Nakafuji

      Born in 1970 in Tokyo, Japan. Photographer. Director of Gallery Niepce. Graduated from the Photography Department of Tokyo Visual Arts College. He continues to take and show his photos which are mainly monochromatic snapshots of street scenes. His published photography collections include STREET RAMBLER; Paris; Sakan, Matapaan-Hokkaido; and Night Crawler. Mr. Nakafuji has presented his work in many individual and group exhibits, both in Japan and overseas. Received the Special Photographer Award at the 19th Higashikawa International Photo Festival.

    • Thomas Kettner

      Thomas Kettner was born in 1960 in Stuttgart, Germany. Today Kettner is based in Hamburg, from where he works as a photographer and creative director for clients around the world. He grew up in South Africa, where is still is shooting on a regular basis. True to his motto “Brakes are for losers” for more than 30 years Kettner has been providing his customers in advertising, fashion and fine art with spectacular and unique images. He enjoys pushing his limits. Whether he is diving with whales, shooting on floating icebergs, catching the action with cheetahs or hovering in a helicopter above Buckingham Palace. Since 2012 Kettner has been publishing the online magazine TRINITY.

    • Tsutomu Endo

      Tsutomu Endo was born in Omachi, Nagano Prefecture. He is expert in snowboarding culture and specializes in shooting around snow-covered mountains. From the 1990s, Endo visited snowy mountains around the world, operating at the forefront of snowboarding culture while presenting many works. From the early days, Endo has embraced “inner focus” as his attitude towards photography, following a journey in search of harmony between a dynamic planet and the life thereon through art photography, nature, culture and so on. A collection of his works can be found in Inner Focus (2015, Shogakukan).