TAMRON | Photo Gallery

My photography journey started with shooting birds, but I slowly started admiring the unusual and fascinating smaller fauna. I started observing wild flowers, butterflies, ants, bugs, beetles, dragonflies and other small insects. Big mammals and birds get all the attention but these tiny critters were always neglected even though they come with a vibrant mix of colours.  

As a wildlife photographer, I found this very fascinating. I started studying about these small creatures before I got out to shoot. It is wise to have a fair degree of knowledge about your subject before you go for shooting them into the woods. Photography becomes easy if you know where to locate them in their natural habitat.

I was using TAMRON 180mm macro initially, but then blending in with the latest technology upgraded to 90mm VC version (Model F004) for the vibration compensation feature. Right now, I have further upgraded my macro lens to 90mm VC (Model F017) for more crisp images with shift VC control. Undeniably, the moisture proof and dust resistant features can’t be missed especially in torrential rain & moist and humid climate of India. I always found 90mm VC macro lens very handy, easy to handle and at the same time very effective for fast and smoother auto focus.