TAMRON | Photo Gallery

What is it, in the Streets of Chennai that attracts a Photographer? In brief, it is the people, color and some not so easily visible aspects.
First things first, you will perhaps nowhere find more photo-friendly people than Chennaites anywhere in India. While at many places a common man may mind being photographed, but it is only in Chennai where a photographer is positively welcomed. Practically anyone on the road is happy to be photographed and mostly insist on seeing what you have captured. The more involved ones may even offer a suggestion or two to improve it. Even at times WhatsApp number is shared to you so that you can share the pictures clicked. Where else can you experience this?
Colors are everywhere even in the most mundane places, where works goes on every day yet unnoticed. But if you observe carefully, you can see several shades. Many locations like a welding shop or a fish market or tea-shop is rich with colors, ready to present themselves to a keen observer.
A careful observation will reveal the hidden aspects - a rusted gate, peeling paint on a wall, etc. All of these will present themselves as interesting abstracts to a keen-eyed photographer.
For this sort of work you need to be fast and discreet. A big DSLR with a huge lens need not apply. I find a Micro Four Thirds (M4/3) camera with the TAMRON 14-150mm F/3.5-5.8 Di III all-in-one zoom lens, just about the ideal setup for street photography. One can walk miles with this gear without any fatigue.  Combination of these two will do everything you want without breaking your back or more importantly your bank account. The lens is sharp and has excellent contrast. The colors are captured and replicated in their true sense, straight out the of the camera. A must mention, would be the lens hood, these are ergonomically designed and are easy to carry. I have made many large exhibition quality prints of images taken with this little TAMRON. Overall, an over-performing, underrated lens!