TAMRON | Photo Gallery

Boom! Everything is white for a moment. There is nothing to see and nothing to hear. Except for the chattering sound of the camera. Click-click-click-click-click! The shutter release of the camera is working on high speed. The snow then begins to clear and a broad grin spreads across my face. "Another good day at the office", I will comment later on my Facebook page. Underneath my favourite shot of the day: a skier rapidly descending a steep slope who can barely be seen through a cloud of powder snow.

The exciting thing for me is the mix of physical exertion and photographic challenge. I try to reach those viewing the photos on an emotional level and give them the feeling that they are themselves part of the picture.

I have up to now used the 15-30 mm lens from Tamron for trail running, mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding and skiing. I like the quality of the lens. The image performance and sharpness at an open aperture of F/2.8 are exceptional.

The impressive huge field of view offered by 15mm allows me to capture a field of view of around 110 degrees and thus integrate much more of the surroundings into the image than was previously possible. This makes it easier to show the steepness of the terrain and adds more drama to the photos. Overall, the subjects appear very vivid.