TAMRON | Photo Gallery

It has been several years since my first encounter with Tamron lenses.

This time I photographed the world that can be captured with the ultra-wide-angle SP15-30mm that I had been eagerly awaiting. Since I received development announcement at Photokina in September last year, I felt the urge to try it out as soon as possible. The impression I got when I first set eyes upon the lens was primarily its large aperture and curved lens surface, along with aspects of its striking shape, such as the thick tungsten silver ring around the lens barrel. This lens boasts an excellent design that has a strong presence with a well-balanced shape that doesn't feel heavy, testament to its ease of use.

I shot with the SP15-30mm in Yosemite National Park, located in eastern California, and Owens Valley (US Route 395), which extends north and south along the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range that lies behind Yosemite. The area is dotted with quiet forests, lakes and grassy plains. One of the region's most famous sights is the tufa mounds at the Mono Lake, a salt lake. I was so engrossed in shooting their mysterious shapes from a variety of angles that I lost track of time.

About five hours' travel from this area, I also shot at the Death Valley National Park, the largest national park in the United States mainland.

The areas of sand dunes and low-lying terrain below sea level provide opportunities for new encounters no matter how many times I photograph them. This is one of my favorite locations. The area contains many spots where photographers can enjoy photographing natural scenes that undergo wide variations. Shooting with the ultra-wide angle of the Tamron SP15-30mm left me with a stream of excellent landscapes.

One thing I always aim for when photographing natural scenes is producing works (photos) that can immerse someone viewing the photo and convey a message that shares the scene with them. I regard this as a fundamental aspect. I continue to take photographs that utilize a large depth of field, capturing the scene right in front of you as you stand at the edge of a river, a grassy field, the side of a lake or atop a sand dune, with the line of sight stretching out into the distance.

The world expressed with the clear and sharp resolving power of the SP15-30mm lens offers the pinnacle of satisfaction to photographers and viewers alike. With unlimited potential for photographic expression and results of photos taken with a high-performance lens, I regarded the lens as a strong partner and an indispensable addition to the lens lineup.