TAMRON | Photo Gallery

For me, there are no borders! Whenever I take on a job, I promise to deliver extraordinary results. A good photo is a picture that people like to look at. However, it should not be too pleasing, but should touch the viewer’s emotions. The photographer’s vision of the image is paramount, composition and light are his tools. This job is not 9-to-5. You have to be very flexible and adapt to new situations quickly.

As for the equipment, it has to live up to my expectations. I had the chance to work with the SP 85mm F/1.8, and I was very keen to find out how far I push this lens. For a fashion shooting my team went offshore and joined the crew of a fishing trawler, who went out fishing into the night.

It was one of the greatest adventures I've ever experienced as a photographer. The conditions at sea were merciless. In retrospect, it was probably the perfect place to test the quality of the new SP 85mm in all respects. The sharpness and precision of this lens are impressive. It is ideal for everyday use and also suitable for hard-hitting reportage. Looking at the great pictures we achieved and I can only recommend this lens to every photographer. The price-performance ratio is sensational.