June 26, 2020
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Tamron Announces the Launch of
Fixed-Focal Lenses for Expanded Applications in Machine Vision:
Full 6-Mega-pixel Resolution for 1/1.7” Imagers
in a Compact Size of φ29㎜

1/1.7” 6mm F/2.4 (Model: M117FM06)
1/1.7” 8mm F/2.4 (Model: M117FM08)

June 26, 2020, Saitama, Japan - Tamron Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Shiro Ajisaka; Headquarters: Saitama City, Japan), a leading manufacturer of optics for diverse applications, announces the launch of two fixed-focal lenses, M117FM06 and M117M08, for large 1/1.7” imagers employed in machine vision, supporting full 6-mega-pixel resolution in an industry-leading* φ29mm compact body.

  • Model: M117FM06
    Model: M117FM06
  • Model: M117FM08
    Model: M117FM08

*In machine-vision camera lenses compatible with 1/1.7 imagers and supporting 6-mega-pixel resolution (survey by Tamron, effective as of June 2020)

Model M117FM06 / M117FM08
Release Date July 1, 2020
Price Open

In recent year, Mega-pixel cameras used for machine-vision applications including production equipment, substrate mounting equipment, various test equipment, and various engineering machines migrate toward higher resolution. Under this market trend, Tamron currently offers an extensive array(total 28models) of mega-pixel machine-vision lenses for 1.1” imagers, 1/1.2” imagers, 2/3” imagers and 1/1.8” 2-mega-pixel imagers.

In addition to this, Tamron newly releases two mega-pixel lenses supporting 1/1.7” and 1/1.8” 6-mega-pixel imagers in a compact body that are expected to spread in the future.

In many cases, some specific production equipment, substrate inspection equipment, and industry-grade printers demand lenses that can be installed in a limited space and assure high resolution and high contrast in close-up wide-angle images.
With this addition, Tamron now offers the widest selection of high-resolution lenses to address customers’ exacting needs.

Tamron develops industry-leading high-resolution fixed-focal lenses to meet customers’ critical requirements and needs in machine vision and pursues optical performance that assures distinguished fidelity in all image details, and excelled user utility.

Key Features

  1. 1. Unrivalled High Contrast and High Resolution in the Industry

    The new lenses are compatible with 1/1.7” 2.74μm pixel-pitch 6-mega (max) pixel imagers, while assuring the highest resolution and contrast in φ29mm machine-vision lenses.

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  2. 2. Industry-leading Low Distortion (TV Distortion)

    Tamron’s state-of-the-art optics technology achieves drastic improvement in TV distortion compared with previous models.
    Specification: M117FM06: -1.5% / M117FM08: -1.0%

  3. 3. High-Quality Imaging in Close-up Shooting Distance

    The new lens provides high-quality imaging in commonly used close-up distances.

  4. 4. Rigid Inspection on High Quality

    Rigid inspection is performed to certify resolution from the center to the periphery of images, assuring high-contrast and high-resolution without unbalanced blurring throughout the entire lens view.

  5. 5. Rugged Mechanical Design for Anti-Vibration and Shock

    Newly designed mechanism improves anti-vibration and shock performance compared with previous models. Even under a severe machine-vision setup with as much as max 10G vibrations and shocks, the new mechanism limits optical (image) deflection within 10μm.
    *Vibration frequency 10-60Hz (amplitude 0.75mm), vibration frequency 60-200Hz (acceleration 100m/s2), and number of cycles: 50 cycles.

  6. 6. A Commonly used Setscrew is Included as a Standard Accessory

    A lock-screw used in previous models can be replaced with an embedding-type setscrew, reducing the diameter of the lens barrel for further compact installation.
    * φ29mm: Excluding the objective-end of the lens


Model M117FM06 M117FM08
Imager Size 1/1.7" 1/1.7”
Mount Type C C
Focal Length 6mm 8mm
Aperture Range F/2.4 ~ 16 F/2.4 ~ 16
Field of view angle
(Horizontal x Vertical)
1/1.7” (4:3) 65.0° x 50.5° 52.2° x 39.5°
1/1.8” (4:3) 64.2° x 44.9° 50.9° x 35.1°
Focusing Range 0.1m ~ ∞ 0.1m ~ ∞
Operation Focus Manual w/lock Manual w/lock
Iris Manual w/lock Manual w/lock
Filter Size M34 P=0.5mm M30.5 P=0.5mm
Wavelength Visible Light Visible Light
TV Distortion -1.5% -1.0%
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃ -20℃ ~ +60℃