February 23, 2016
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Market Launch Announcement

Tamron announces the launch of Compact and Lightweight LWIR Fixed-Focal Lenses
for 10-12μm Pixel Pitch Detectors

20mm F/1.2 (Model: LQF2012N / LQF2012A)

February 23, 2016, Saitama, Japan – Tamron Co., Ltd., (President & CEO Morio Ono), an integrated optics manufacturer and leader in the security/surveillance equipment industry, announces the release of Compact and Lightweight LWIR Fixed-Focal Lenses for 10-12μm Pixel Pitch Detectors 20mm F/1.2 (Model: LQF2012N / LQF2012A). This newly announced product will be displayed and demonstrated at SECURITY SHOW 2016 starting from March 8, 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Model: LQF2012A

Model: LQF2012A

LQF2012N / LQF2012A
Release Date Price
March 1, 2016 Open

Tamron, since the initial launch of its first LWIR lens model in 2012, has successively released an array of high-performance LWIR zoom lenses. Standout advantages of the LWIR technology that can deliver superb images under dark or adverse weather conditions, together with outstanding optical performance, have been highly appreciated by users.

While Tamron’s LWIR Zoom Lenses have received positive recognition in a wide range of applications including fast-growing security / surveillance systems, demand for fixed-focal lenses is getting increasingly stronger, addressing versatile applications and strong use needs. Detectors, on the other hand, are migrating toward smaller geometrical dimensions, mandating lenses of compatible form factors. To accommodate the needs of the market in transition, Tamron announces the development of a new set of 20mm F/1.2 fixed-focal lenses compatible with the industry-leading 10-12μm pixel-pitch detectors (Model: LQF2012N / LQF2012A). By use of a proprietary optical design, the effective image circle is expanded to support the widely-used 17 μm pixel-pitch QVGA format while attaining a compact and lightweight barrel construction.

Tamron as an integrated optics manufacturer aggressively pursues lenses with ever higher performance and excellence in utility, expanding LWIR applications and new market potential.


  • Attuned to the Industry-Leading 10-12μm Pixel-Pitch
  • New fixed-focal lenses are compatible with industry-leading 10-12μm pixel-pitch, attuned to the expanding needs in security / surveillance applications and intended to explore new market potential that takes advantage of the compactness and lightweight features. By virtue of employing a proprietary optical design, the effective image circle is expanded to accommodate the 17μm pixel-pitch QVGA detectors which are still prevalent in the market.

  • High Optical Performance
  • As the package size of the LWIR detectors associated with pixel pitch miniaturization becomes smaller, overall sensitivity tends to suffer due to inherent pixel opening dimensions. Aimed at compensating for such deficit in sensitivity, the LQF2012N / LQF2012A lenses are designed with the F-number prioritized (F/1.2). To transmit higher light energy, it becomes critically important to control various aberrations and / or ghosting typically induced as the maximum aperture becomes larger. Integrating advanced optical design technique with optimal materials selected, process engineering and coating technology, superb optical performance is achieved.

  • Compact and Lightweight Lenses with Excellent Features
  • Despite its compact and lightweight package, the back-focal distance is optimally defined for general uses in mind, i.e. with little restriction on the selection camera cores.

  • Excellent User Utility
  • A Screw-in mount (M19 P=0.5mm) is adopted for integration with cameras, and its universal configuration reduces system development costs.
    A model with a DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating (Model: LQF2012N) and another with an AR coating (Model: LQF2012A) are offered depending on installation environments and equipment. Lenses are also compatible with the IP67 specification which is in high demand for outdoor installation.


Model LQF2012N LQF2012A
Focal Length 20mm
F Number F/1.2
(Note *1)
H 9.0°(Note *1)
V 6.7°(Note *1)
D 11.2°(Note *1)
MOD (Minimum Object Distance) 0.5m
Mechanical Max. barrel dia. X length Φ29mm x 21.2mm
Weight 16.1g
Mount Threaded, M19 x P0.5
Reliability Water & Dust Proof IP67 (Front lens only)
Front Element Coating DLC Coating AR Coating

(Note *1) The field of view has been calculated based on a sensor size of 320 x 240, 10.0μm Pixel Pitch.
Specifications, appearance, functionality, etc. are subject to change without prior notice.