2 Years Local Warranty

Tamron India warrants that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a successive period of TWO Years from the date of original purchase, and is limited to repair, adjustment and/or replacement of defective parts. This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear such as scratches, etc.

Terms & Conditions

1) Tamron warrants this product against any manufacturing defects for one full year from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid only in India.
2) Any additional warranty expressed or implied will be valid only post successful registration of the product on http://tamron.in/register
3) This warranty is valid only upon presentation of a valid proof of purchase (Purchase invoice with TIN no, also, serial number must be mentioned on it) along with this warranty card. You are requested to fill in all necessary information (Customer’s name, address and date of purchase) on the front to validate this warranty card.
4) To avail International warranty for the first year of purchase, kindly contact our helpdesk at +919650061715 orhelpdesk@tamron.in
5) All costs, including mail, transportation, insurance and other incidental charges in relation to repair work, are at Customer’s expense. All other claims of any nature are not covered.
6) Within warranty Tamron Service Center will repair or replace any defective part(s) of the product(s).
7) In the event of repairs or replacement of any part(s), during the warranty period, the warranty of the product shall thereafter continue only for the unexpired period of original warranty
8) This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear such as scratches, etc.
9) This warranty does not apply to defects due to abuse, mishandling, tampering or removal of serial number, unsuitable storage, transport damage, sand damage, liquid damage, fungus damage, impact damage, tampering or damage due to any natural calamity.
10) This warranty does not cover supplied accessories such as case, hood, caps or other accessories
11) This warranty does not cover defects due to use of accessories, attachments, products or devices that do not conform to Tamron specifications.
12) This warranty does not cover products that have been modified or serviced by anyone other than Authorised Tamron Service Agents.
13) This warranty card is non-transferable and will not be re-issued.
14) Tamron India’s maximum liability under this limited warranty is limited to the price of the product(s) or the cost of repair or replacement charges, whichever is lower.
15) This warranty does not cover liability for loss of data, recorded images and/or business opportunities loss.
16) Any disputes arising in connection with this limited warranty shall be governed by the Laws of India. The Courts of Haryana shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any arising disputes.