About us

Shiro Ajisaka
President & CEO
Tamron Co., Ltd

Message from the Global President & CEO

“New Eyes for Industry” that assure a sense of excitement, trust and security

Thank you very much for visiting the Tamron website.

In line with our brand message of “Tamron makes contributions to society by creating New Eyes for Industry,” the Tamron group has created and offered various “New Eyes for Industry” products distinctive of Tamron, based on which we have conducted business in wide-ranging fields to make contributions to the general public.

In the market for interchangeable lenses for cameras, our company is widely known as Tamron of high-power zoom lenses and macro lenses. Based on our thorough commitment in unique ways to visual images and original technologies, Tamron has consistently kept up offering truly innovative products.
Tamron has drawn on its superior technological capabilities centering around optics to develop and offer excellent-quality products of outstanding performance in newer areas as well, such as the lens units of surveillance cameras and vehicle-mounted cameras, among other applications. In this way, Tamron makes contributions to progress in wide-ranging industries.

The Tamron group will continue to focus on further improving our technical capabilities as a manufacturer of precision optical products, and on tackling fresh challenges towards advanced “New Eyes for Industry” that assure a sense of excitement, trust and security to our customers. While working towards expanding our business areas, we will practice CSR-focused management without fail, towards the goal of becoming a corporate group that makes a wide variety of contributions to society at large. We at Tamron group will be united in our efforts to continue meeting in good faith the expectations of all of our stakeholders. We would like to cordially ask you for your continued invaluable support.