News March 09, 2012
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Inventory setbacks for 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC (Model B011)

Inventory setbacks for 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC for Sony mirrorless
interchangeable-lens camera series E-mount (Model B011)

Unexpected demand for Tamron's 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC (Model B011) has resulted in insufficient inventory.

Since Tamron released in Japan the 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC (Model B011) telephoto zoom lens in December 2011, orders have greatly exceeded expectations. Tamron is extremely grateful for this strong consumer response, but an unfortunate side effect has been the difficulty of production volume to keep pace with demand. We would like to reassure all customers who are waiting for this product that we are currently doing everything we can to meet demand levels, and offer our sincerest apologies for such resulting inconvenience.

We appreciate the patience and understanding of Tamron customers as we promptly address these temporary inventory issues. Tamron reiterates its commitment to maintaining the satisfaction that its loyal customers have come to expect over the years.